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Thank you for visiting me here.  In the Benedictine tradition, let me extend to you an extravagant welcome.  I feel honored that you are considering me to be your counselor, psychotherapist, or spiritual director.

To begin counseling or psychotherapy takes great courage.  Most people contact me because something is not going well in their life and they are looking for help along the way. It’s difficult to open up and honestly tell another person what’s going on with you. I understand that because of my own experience.

I will provide for you a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental place where you can share with me those hard things that you are experiencing.  We will work together to get you what you need.

People seek counseling or psychotherapy for a number of reasons: they may feel sad or anxious; they may be grieving a loss of some type; they may have experienced a severe trauma that is affecting the quality of their life; they may be having relationship issues with a spouse or partner, a parent, a child, or a friend; they may be going through a difficult transition in their life; they may be experiencing doubts about their faith or spirituality.  Some people may not be having issues such as these; they may just want to explore and learn more about themselves in order to grow as a person.

I provide a unique type of counseling known as pastoral counseling; unique in the sense that most pastoral counselors have training in both psychotherapy/counseling and in ministry. I use knowledge from the behavioral sciences as well as faith and religious traditions to help those I see.

I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ but I will not force my beliefs on you.  I welcome people from all religious traditions; I also welcome people who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” as well as those who are neither spiritual nor religious. I want to learn more about you and to help you integrate your values and strengths using ideas from psychology to help you achieve what you are seeking.

I also understand that many people have been abused or traumatized by religion. I enjoy helping people work through religious abuse and trauma so that they can find a healthy faith or spirituality or value system that feels compatible with who they are.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. If what you have read thus far feels right for you, I hope you will contact me and schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you.

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